Hello and welcome back for an exciting, new school year. Your child will be involved in a variety of activities designed for enjoyment, fitness improvement, cooperation, team building and character education.  The follow is a list of standard requirements for class.


Grading—students will be graded on a 5 point scale for each class; 1 point for each of the following categories: Skill demonstration, Effort, Being Prepared, Participation and Sportsmanship


CLASS Rules/ Safety Expectationsthis year, we will be teaching, modeling and implementing what it looks and sounds like to be Ready, Responsible and Respectful.  These rules and safety expectations will be frequently reviewed and practiced every class through out the year. 


Sneakersplease make sure your child knows when he/she has PE class.  It is important to wear good footwear in order to prevent injury.


Excusesany student who needs to be excused from PE class will need a note from your family doctor.  In addition I will also need a release letter from the doctor in order for your child to return back to PE class.  I will keep this information on file for my records.  If there is any medical concern I should be aware of, please contact me at school (703-1) or email me at mrolko@hbgsd.k12.pa.us.  


I am looking forward to a wonderful year!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms Rolko

Phys Ed teacher