Discovering Books

In Kindergarten, we are learning HOW to read as well as learning to LOVE reading!  When children read books at their reading level, they gain confidence and independence as readers.  When adults (or big brothers and sisters!) read books above a Kindergarten reading level to them, they grow in their ability to understand stories.  Talking about the book- what the characters do, how the illustrations give details to the story, favorite and least favorite parts, etc- helps children engage with text and become invested readers.


Being able to choose their own books provides a strong motivation for learning to read and loving reading.  We talk about why we might choose a book to read- maybe the book is about one of our favorite topics/hobbies/characters, maybe it is about something we want to learn more about, or maybe we have never heard of it before but it looks really interesting!


In school, we love choosing books to read from our classroom library.  During Literacy Centers, each group rotates visiting the library.  It is also open during Choice Time every morning! 

 book bins


We also love checking out books once every 6-day cycle with Ms. Thompson in the Downey School library.  We get to keep our books for the whole week in the activity bin in our classroom!  When we finish our work early, we can choose to read our library book.  We also use this book to practice "Read to Self" and "Read to a Partner."  When it is time for library class again, we make sure to return our books and choose new ones!



In our community, we can check out books at the Dauphin County Library System.  Getting a library card is free for all ages! Check the website for locations, hours, and special events.  This link is a special page with Information for Parents and Teachers to help children make the most out of all the library has to offer.  McCormick Riverfront Library and Kline Library are the closest library branches to Downey School.



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