Disciplinary Definitions

Downey Minor Behavior Definitions

Inappropriate Language

Undirected Profanity.Student engages in low-intensity instance of inappropriate language.

Physical Contact

Student engages in non-serious, but inappropriate physical contact.Pushing.

Defiance, Disrespect, Insubordination, Non-Compliance

Student engages in brief or low-intensity failure to respond to adult requests. Intimidation, Provoking Other Students, Teasing Students.Failure to Complete Work.


Student engages in low-intensity, but inappropriate disruption.

Dress Code Violation

Student wears clothing that is near, but not within, the dress code guidelines defined by the school/district.

Technology Violation

Student engages in non-serious but inappropriate (as defined by school) use of cell phone, pager, music/video players, camera, and/or computer.


Student arrives at class after the bell (or signal that class has started).

Student arrives late to school.



Eating in an unauthorized area


Copying homework and/or cheating on an assessment

Stealing Minor Items





Downey MajorBehavior Definitions


Directed Profanity

Student delivers verbal messages that include swearing directly to another individual.


Student is involved in mutual participation in an incident involving physical violence.

Continued threats to peers/bullying

Student delivers disrespectful messages* (verbal or gestural) to another person that includes threats and intimidation, obscene gestures, pictures, or written notes.

*Disrespectful messages include negative comments based on race, religion, gender, age, and/or national origin; sustained or intense verbal attacks based on ethnic origin, disabilities or other personal matters.


Student engages in behavior causing an interruption in a class or activity. Disruption includes sustained loud talk, yelling, or screaming; noise with materials; horseplay or roughhousing; and/or sustained out-of-seat behavior.


Student participates in an activity that results in destruction or disfigurement of property.


Student is in possession of, having passed on, or being responsible for removing someone else's property or has signed a person’s name without that person’s permission.

Use/possession of tobacco

Student is in possession of or is using tobacco.

Use/possession of alcohol

Student is in possession of or is using alcohol.

Use/possession of drugs

Student is in possession of or is using illegal drugs/substances or imitations.

Use/possession weapons or look alike

Student is in possession of knives or guns (real or look alike), or other objects readily capable of causing bodily harm.

Bomb threat/False Alarm

Student delivers a message of possible explosive materials being on-campus, near campus, and/or pending explosion.


Student plans and/or participates in malicious burning of property.

On-Going Dress Code Violation

Student wears clothing that does not fit within the dress code guidelines practiced by the school/district.


Deliberately threatening/striking district employee, official, volunteer


Chronic Minors

Once a student has accumulated 3 minor referrals in 3 weeks.


Any unlawful attempt or offer with force or violence to do bodily harm to another