Downey Mission and Vision Statement


The mission of Downey Elementary School is to provide a culturally responsive and safe learning environment that empowers each student to develop the academic and social skills necessary to become ready, responsible, and respectful citizens.


The vision of Downey Elementary School is to develop students of all ability levels to be readers, thinkers, and leaders who are positive contributors to a global society.

Downey Belief Statements

We believe...

  • Students need to understand they are the first person in their learning process and education.

  • Education is the shared responsibility of the students, the staff, parents, and the community.

  • Students and staff respect the dignity and self-worth of others.

  • All students can learn and achieve at high levels.

  • Student attendance has a direct correlation to successful academic achievement.

  •  All stakeholders share the responsibility for providing a supportive learning environment.

  • Students will meet high expectations when there are structured and consistent procedures.

  • Teachers should be certified and willing to grow professionally to better support students.

  • We are to help each other model a positive example for our students within the school and home community.

  •  Every child has positive qualities that are to be recognized and fostered within the school community.

  • School to home communication is essential in developing positive relationships between parent, teacher, and student.

  • School safety is a daily priority.

  • Perseverance and effort are critical to successful learning.