Resources for Parents
Eureka Math Help
This page offers support for parents with Eureka Math, including helpful videos.

Kahn Academy
Kahn Academy is a collection of over 3,000 video tutorials on a variety of subjects. It is an excellent way for kids (or parents) to cover a new subject or review something that they don't understand.

Free Books
Go to the Dauphin County Library for great, free books any time!

Free E-mail
Gmail is a free, online e-mail account that you can check from any computer. Follow the directions to create an account.

Google Translator
This web site will translate text into many languages. It is great for communication if you and the teacher do not speak the same language.

Estesitio web se traducirá el texto en muchos idiomas. Esideal para la comunicación si usted y el maestro no habla el mismo idioma.


هذا الموقع سوف يترجم النص الى لغات عديدة. انه امر رائع للاتصال واذا كنت مدرس لا يتحدثون نفس اللغة.

इस वेब साइट के कई भाषाओं में पाठ का अनुवाद करना होगा. यह संचार यदि आप और शिक्षक एक ही भाषा बोलते नहीं है के लिए अच्छा है.